Not your boyfriend’s Jeans

I love that no matter what she wears…she always looks confident.

Boardroom Blonde

Since my boyfriend wears a size 36 waist, slipping into his jeans simply isn’t an option. Boyfriend jeans carry that name because they’re meant to fit like mens jeans: traditionally, they are a little baggy, often distressed and perhaps rolled at the ankles. You’ve seen straight size fashionistas wear them and look fab in them and you have probably also seen plus size bloggers wear them too but if you’re not shaped like most of these gorgeous gals, you might feel like boyfriend jeans aren’t for you.

I know I did. After I tried on tons of pairs that just didn’t seem to fit right, I had given up. But alas, I finally found these fab boyfriend jeans from Forever 21 the other day and girl, let me tell you – They make me feel fab!

When I first put them on I thought they were way too small – I…

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